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Mystery Book Club: May

05/24/2018 - 11:00AM

This month's selection is "The Good Samaritan" by John Marrs.

Classics Book Club:May

05/24/2018 - 7:00PM

This month's selection is "My Antonia," by Willa Cather.

Author Event: Susan Boyer

05/31/2018 - 12:00PM

I hope you'll join us for some food and fun conversation about what Nate and Liz have been up to over on Stella Maris.

Author Event: Seamus McGraw

06/03/2018 - 2:00PM

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) works to turn your environmental values into North Carolina priorities. We are dedicated to protecting the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the health of all of our communities. No matter whether on the federal, state, or local level, elected officials make some of the most important decisions that impact our environment. The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is a pragmatic, results-oriented, nonpartisan...

Author Event: Andrew Lawler

06/08/2018 - 6:30PM

Come meet author Andrew Lawler as he discusses his book "The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke." A sweeping account of America's oldest unsolved mystery, THE SECRET TOKEN: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke (Doubleday; 6/5/2018) by Andrew Lawler, the author of Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?, tells the riveting tale of the disappearance of America’s first settlers, and examines how the Lost Colony has come to haunt our...

Guilty Pleasures YA Book Club

06/11/2018 - 6:00PM

This month's selection is Furyborn by Claire Legrand.

Adult Day Book Club

06/11/2018 - 11:00AM

This month's selection is The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel

Author Event: Cynthia Graubart

06/11/2018 - 6:30PM

Cynthia Graubart is a food writer, James Beard Award winning cookbook author, speaker, former cooking show television producer, and most-recently the author of her 8th cookbook, Sunday Suppers for Oxmoor House (November 2017). Named a Georgia Grown Executive Chef for 2017, she shares her passion for her home state and its bountiful produce and products with her audiences across many platforms, including recipe development for the nationwide Atlanta-based meal kit service PeachDish....

Middle School Book Club: June

06/11/2018 - 5:00PM

This month's selection is Invictus by Ryan Graudin.

Adult Evening Book Club

06/12/2018 - 6:00PM

This month's selection is Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.

Philosophy Book Club: June

06/13/2018 - 6:30PM

This month's selection is Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.

2nd & 3rd Grade Book Club

06/14/2018 - 4:30PM

This month's selection is Study Hall of Justice by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen.

Author Event: Amy Willoughby-Burle

06/14/2018 - 6:30PM

Come meet Asheville author Amy Willoughby-Burle as she discusses her novel "The Lemonade Year." LOVE. LOSS. AND SECOND CHANCES. Nina's once-sweet life has unexpectedly turned sour. Her marriage is over, her job is in jeopardy, and her teenage daughter is slipping away from her. Then her father dies and issues with Nina's mother come to a head; her estranged brother, Ray, comes home; and her sister, Lola, is tempted to blow a big family secret out of the water. They say the truth will set you...

4th & 5th Grade Book Club: June

06/15/2018 - 4:30PM

This month's selection is Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi.

Science Fiction Book Club

06/18/2018 - 6:00PM

This month's selection is Wool by Hugh Howey.

Fantasy Book Club: June

06/21/2018 - 6:30PM

This month's selection is Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire.

Author Event: Debbie Moose

06/23/2018 - 12:00PM

Join us as Raleigh author Debbie Moose discusses her latest cookbook Carolina Catch. Carolina Catch: Cooking North Carolina Fish and Shellfish from Mountains to Coast examines the state's bounty of fish and seafood, explains why it's important to ask for N.C. fish and provides remedies for "fear of fish." Author Debbie Moose includes more than 90 recipes that will help you offer lesser known kinds of fish a place on your plate.

Author Event: Elizabeth Carroll

06/25/2018 - 6:30PM

Join us as we welcome Elizabeth Carroll to Page 158 as she discusses her book The Swinging Doors. Ellie Sinders is no stranger to the violent world of men. A bloomer girl for the past seven years, her life is dictated by the contract kept in the bottom of Fred’s money box. For Ellie, each day is a matter of survival—from hunger, from the passions of men, and from her own mother, the infamous Maggie Sinders. Then three strangers come to town, and Ellie’s fragile existence is forever shattered....

Classics Book Club: June

06/28/2018 - 7:00PM

This month's selection is The Changeling by Joy Williams.

Mystery Book Club

06/28/2018 - 11:00AM

This month's selection is Close to Home by Clara Hunter.

Guilty Pleasures: Adult YA Book Club

07/09/2018 - 6:00PM

This month's selection is Dread Nation by Justina Ireland.

Adult Day Book Club: July

07/10/2018 - 11:00AM

This month's selection is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

Author Event: Linda Cardillo

07/17/2018 - 6:00PM

Above a crumbling sea wall on the isolated northern tip of Chappaquiddick Island sits a weathered cottage that gives shelter to two families over the course of 75 years. They come there to bury secrets; to mourn; to grow; and to reconcile. Each generation finds its own answers on the windswept moors of the island and in the wisdom and love of the Wampanoag—the ancient people who first called the island home and whose name means “People of the First Light.” Linda Cardillo is an award-winning...

Author Event: Kim Beall

07/19/2018 - 7:00PM

Join us as author Kim Beall discusses her new book Seven Turns -- A Ghost Story. Callaghan McCarthy has 99 problems, and believing in ghosts isn't one of them. The ghosts around her beg to differ, and they need her help with a problem of their own. Years ago, she wrote a bestselling ghost story which allowed her to escape her train-wreck of a marriage. Now her inspiration has run dry, and her bank-account is fast following in its wake. In a desperate last-ditch effort to come up with a sequel...

Author Event: Diane Chamberlain

10/03/2018 - 7:00PM

When Caroline Sears receives the news that her unborn baby girl has a heart defect, she is devastated. It is 1970 and there seems to be little that can be done. But her brother-in-law, a physicist, tells her that something can be done to save her baby. Something that will require a kind of strength and courage that Caroline never knew she had. Something that will mean a mind-bending leap of faith on her part. And all for the love of her unborn child. A rich, genre-spanning, breathtaking novel...

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